Boat sinks in Sarasota marina

Boat sunk at Marina Jacks

Bad day for this boat owner………










Boat sinks in Sarasota marina.
Well its a bad day for this boat owner.
Just go’s to show what even a small storm can do.

We wont be taking our boat out for a few days. going to let this weather clean up.

If your interested in cruising next week give us a call. (941) 809-2388

Or Email info@sunsetcruisesarasota

Check out the website

If anyone knows what happen please let me know.

I feel so sorry for this owner long road ahead to get this one up and running. Hope they have good insurance.


Not the best weather for cruising

Sarasota sunset in the Gulf of Mexico

Not the best weather for a sunset cruise the last few days…..

Tropical storm Debby has been having it’s way with us for the last 4 days. Just
to long. I mainly feel sorry for the people who are here on vacation. Just
sucks to be you. Sorry

Made me think? What do you do here when it rains for 8 days straight?

Let me know I will add some links to my sunset cruise website.

Anyway till the sun comes out again, here’s a photo I took a week or so ago.
This is what it should be like.

Happy cruising.